artist statemEnt

Josie Wilkerson, born and raised in rural Missouri. Now transient for five years, I’ve learned I prefer spending time solus. With a work history in forestry and conservation, I’ve spent extended periods of time in solitude. This aloneness has led me to the belief, and possible delusion, that I should pursue being a full-time artist… 

I am a self-taught commission based artist. Many of my works include portrait renditions of events that could not have occurred due to the passing of a loved one i.e. wedding day, multi-generation photo, and more. 

With my personal work, I attempt to represent the art of the female body, which I perceive as both strong and delicate, intricate with detail; a structure that seems unworldly. I often reference my own body as an act of confidence and self-discipline. I tend to lean into the archetype of the wild-woman. This inspires some, and challenges others. 

Some may appreciate it all, some may prefer a classic portrait. Regardless, you can find what I create and represent here. 
By creating art for others, my life becomes fashioned with filaments of eternity.